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We offer product training to exclusive areas first, if unavailable we will discuss with the closest local practitioner to see if they are ready for another practitioner in their area to join our team.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that existing practitioners are trained and are reaping the rewards of their investment in our products before adding others to their area, so please respect if we are unable to offer a position at this time. We review area availability every  60 days.





$550 with application video and support group.

(You can pick 5 different items or multiples ,five full sized products in total) from the following list.


  • Liquid Lipo 250ml

  • L-ascorbic 75ml

  • Blepharonat 30ml

  • Hydra oz 50ml

  • Liquid bronze 250ml

  • Lipo tight. 100ml

  • Blepharobright 50ml



$1000 which covers a multitude of elements listed below to ensure you are equipped with product knowledge. It also goes through the process of product development, case studies and extensive research in the problems of the lymphatic system.


  • Liquid Lipo 250ml

  • Liquid Lipo 500ml

  • L-ascorbic 75ml

  • Blepharonat 30ml

  • Blepharobright 50ml

  • Liquid Bronze 250ml

  • Lipo tight. 500ml

  • Hydra Oz 50ml (Hyaluronic Acid Day Cream)

  • Rewind 50ml (Hyaluronic Acid Night Cream)

  • Melanin Carota 200ml

  • Thermogenesis 100ml

  • Thermogenesis lite 100ml


  • Mechanism of action

  • The history of the products

  • How to enhance your business

  • Properties / ingredients

  • Body contouring

  • Lifting

  • Reshaping

  • Reduction

  • Using with machines.



  • We provide our training alongside each of the product packages so that we can be confident you are offering the products in line with company standards, this ensures that each product is being used optimally to get the very best results for your clients. As a future Stockist we believe in you and your business, we put faith in our Stockists because they put theirs in us. When you invest in our products, you represent us, you are our brand ambassadors, and our training supports you to succeed, we believe in results before revenue, we care.


  • Your kit will be posted out and full online support given.


  • Message:

       Purchase a package below.

***All Sales are final. No Refunds, returns or exchanges***

***This is due to immediate access of proprietary company information and training***

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