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Includes the Following Training Points:

  • Recap from basic
  • Revisit Aseptic
  • Consent and conditions to consider for advanced training
  • Nurse triarge
  • Inflammation
  • The endocrine system
  • Gynecological and auto immunity
  • The four types of trapped fat.
  • Biological implications of trapped fat on the gall bladder
  • Weight loss complications and problems
  • Lipo vs fat dissolve injections
  • Quick guide to which gel for which condition
  • Research, evidence results
  • Remodeling
  • Examples of protocols and procedures with before and afters
  • Complications
  • Inflammation reduction, vitamin D definancy
  • Business building, contractual aggrements
  • Quiz
  • Case Studies
  • Thermogenesis Samples

** Required purchase to maintain area exclusivity: 10 Liquid Lipo, Ltd manufactured products and 1 new recruit monthly**

AP Training Upgrade